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Achieving faster, more efficient growth through AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence

We transform your customers first-party data into revenue growth all in one platform

Trusted by Enterprise Brands

Revolutionize your brand’s performance with our all-in-one data solution for unparalleled success

Advanced segmentation
Re-target people who has the highest conversation rate using AI trained audience.

Behavior-based analytics
Predicting customer behavior based on thier profile infom customer journey, LTV, order date and more.

AI-driven optimization
Get your GA4 data ready for any platform’s advance data analytics and prediction


Data dimensions, achieving high accuracy


Catch first-party data, and match each traffic to campaign ID

Real-time Campaign Monitoring to Adjust Ads Placement Strategies

Automated daily report compilation

Centralized platform for budget control
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Seamless management of multiple brand clients and marketing channels

Full-funnel view for campaigns

Transparency system for highest ROAS channel
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Proactively target customers for Precision Marketing

Intent prediction

Key customer features identification
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8ndpoint uses AI and machine learning to transform the way marketers analyze, enrich and utilize data

Create a best-in-class experience whether your customers shop in person, on social, or online. Keep track of your customers’ past purchases, promote offers with email or SMS marketing.

World’s Top 5 Cosmetic Company

increase in ROAS
more targeting accuracy
more ads cost saving
  • Automated daily report compilation
  • Centralized platform for budget control
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Data source integration
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