The Most Simple Data Science Tool

Build your first predictive model in five minutes. No experience needed.

Decanter is made for like you.

Why Data Science?

Many successful companies are already using data science to increase sales, engage customers, and generate hidden insights. Ready to dig up your gold?

Why Data Science Tools?

Tools lower the barriers of cost, time, knowledge, and experience required to clean data, do feature engineering, and build data models.

Why Decanter?

Decanter aims for ease of use. Unlike other tools, Decanter is for everyone and does not require experience in data science.

Start building models from your raw data in three steps

Upload Raw Data

Decanter uses a highly reliable and secure cloud infrastructure to quickly process your dataset.

Identify Your Problem

Using your domain knowledge, identify a problem that you want to understand from your data.

Get Predictive Insights

Decanter will build your model automatically and show the predictive insights for your problem.