Download Decanter 3.0.1


What are the system requirements?

Docker 17.06.0+ (Download at
Docker Compose (Downlad at
Ubuntu OS

How will I receive my hardware key?

You will receive your hardware key by mail delivery from our team, please contact your sales representative if you have not received yours.

What kinds of virtual machines can Decanter support?

We currently support Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows using Ubuntu as a guest OS.

How much data can be processed for each batch?

We recommend training data under 1GB with the potential of training datasets up to 4GB.

Where can I find information about my current license?

Parts of Decanter will not work if your license does not cover certain features, we currently offer 4 different licences that include one or multiple of the following, Model Prediction, Model Training, Time Series, Deep Learning.

What kind of data sources can Decanter access?

Decanter GP on-premises version only allows csv files.
Decanter Core currently allows access to hdfs and local files through API, currently not supported.

Hardware requirements for Decanter GP On-premises?

4 Core CPU

24 Core CPU
SAS 500GB free disk space
RAID 6 storage capacity
1000Mbps connection speed

40 Core CPU
SAS 2TB free disk space
RAID 6 storage capacity
1000Mbps connection speed

What can I do if Decanter doesn't work?

Please go to /var/log/decanter, copy and zip this file and send it to your sales representative, our techincal support team will help you with any issues encountered.