What is MoBagel?

MoBagel is a cost-effective business intelligence solution that allows anyone to collect, understand, and drive decisions from IoT data.

Over the years, we talked to numerous hardware companies and manufacturers regarding their data collection. What we found was that most manufacturers do not actually consistently collect data from their devices. Among those few companies who do collect data, even fewer of them can make sense of the complex IoT data – and they do so through very costly means such as hiring consultants and data scientists.

We believe that IoT analytics should not have to involve the combined use of several costly product and services, which is why we designed MoBagel to be an integrated and cost-effective solution that covers the entire process of IoT analytics: data connection, core analytics, and prediction.

Data Connection

Having a solid data connection is arguably the most important part of the data analytics process. This ensures that all the data coming in is consistent and accurate, thus guaranteeing the results of analytics and prediction.

Based on a company’s existing setup, MoBagel has different ways to connect your device data to our analytics service.

  • Database connection
  • Data fetching bots

Core Analytics

Whether your product is a smart home device, a wearable device or any other type of IoT device, MoBagel has the right analytics for you. We have a growing library of analytics services, such as device monitoring, device management, usage analysis, and much more.

Not sure what type of tracking and analytics can help your business? Our team of engineers is constantly building new features as we take on more diverse products, so make sure to contact us and let us help you with your analytics!

  • Device monitoring
  • Device management
  • Usage analysis
  • User disengagement
  • Segmentation
  • Revenue tracking

Decanter™ Prediction

At the heart of MoBagel’s solution is the Decanter™ technology. Decanter™ is a Big Data AI engine that automatically filters out meaningless data and optimizes machine learning models. Since Decanter™ does not require human interference in order to function, it allows anyone to use utilize deep learning and predictive analytics for their device.

With Decanter™, marketers and executives can get the right actionable insights without the need of data scientists.

  • Sales forecast
  • Malfunction prediction
  • Automatic campaigns
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Proactive CRM