$ 0

Per Month
  • 10 devices
  • 1,000 requests per month
  • $0.009 per additional request
  • standard features
  • self-service support




Special Pricing
  • unlimited devices
  • unlimited requests
  • Decanter™ prediction
  • custom features
  • premium support

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How does the bill work?

You are billed at the end of each month based on your monthly plan and the number of requests (rounded up to the nearest 1000) sent during the month.

How does the free developer plan work?

The free developer account is perfect for developers who want to implement MoBagel in their devices. The free account will be free as long as less than 1,000 requests are sent per month. After 1,000 requests are sent, the requests will be paused until a payment method is added or when the quota resets at the beginning of the next month.

What is a request?

Each request is a data request sent from one device to MoBagel’s cloud. We then compute your data in real-time and present them in your dashboards.

Why am I being charged for requests?

The price per request includes cloud computing, secure encryption, and three-way remote backup so your data is protected and never lost.