Engineer & Data Scientist

Software Engineer 軟體工程師

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1. Develop and maintain high performing machine learning applications.
2. Design and implement efficient algorithms for data processing and model training pipelines.
3. Collaborate with data science, product, engineering, and QA teams to deliver high quality software to users.

1. Demonstrated expertise in at least one OOP programming language.
2. Able to perform memory and runtime asymptotic analysis.
3. Detailed knowledge of programming languages, memory models, expressions, statements, scoping, and type systems.
4. Passion for optimization.
5. Knowledge and experience in unit testing.
6. Interest in learning more about machine learning.
7. Proficient in English.[加分項] 具有統計背景與相關經驗。

1. Experience working with complex software systems.
2. Experience verifying the correctness of an asynchronous program or parallel program.
3. Ability to share experience with junior members and help them grow.
4. Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and data processing techniques.
5. Experience with DevOps.
6. Experience with functional programming.

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