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Engineer & Data Scientist

Software Engineer – Backend 軟體工程師

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1. Maintain Decanter AI, our flagship analytics product, and develop new features.
2. Build CI/CD flow to maintain product stability.
3. Co-work with data science team to derive new functionalities.

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer engineering/computer science or related fields.
2. Experience with Linux based OS (CentOS, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc.).
3. Experience with an OS scripting language.
4. Knows Python.
5. Experience with non-trivial Python package (e.g. Jinja2, Pandas, FastAPI, Flask, etc.).
6. Experience with containerization technology.
7. Experience with database and caching services.

1. Experience working with complex software systems.
2. Experience verifying the correctness of an asynchronous program or parallel program.
3. Ability to share experience with junior members and help them grow.
4. Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and data processing techniques.
5. Experience with DevOps.
6. Experience with functional programming.

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