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Senior DevOps Engineer 資深開發維運工程師

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1. Maintain, update, and design platform’s CICD pipeline.
2. Constantly improve platform’s devops architecture to accommodate new micro services.
3. Review technical specifications to provide guidance and help development teams drive operational excellence.
4. Support large-scale services across multiple environments. Provision new machines and setup proper networking, security rules.

1. 1+ professional years of experience of devops experience.
2. Comfortable with designing system with HA and disaster recovery.
3. Ability to autonomously complete CICD pipeline design from start to finish and explain your design decisions.
4. Computer science fundamentals, basic understanding of network, operating system.
5. Troubleshooting complex production environments network and os level.
6. Have a “CAN DO” attitude to make something different and happen.
7. Embrace different technology challenges: take, learn, resolve and grow.
8. Work in an agile development environment and be a good team player

1. K8S management (we use Rancher).
2. CICD management (we use gitlab, k8s, and related container technology)
3. Stateful Set Management (various DB, we use MinIO and Mongo).
4. HA and Disaster Recovery Policy (we use longhorn, and in house script).
5. Familiar or experience with Linux System Troubleshooting and K8S trouble shooting.

1. knowledge on rolling upgrade, auto scaling, monitoring. cluster migration, hybrid cloud setup, ELK, GCP, Airflow.

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