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Software Development Engineer in Test 軟體測試工程師

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1. Creates and maintains automated test cases, executes test suites, reviews and diagnoses reported bugs, and ensures overall system quality prior to a customer release.
2. Reproduces, debugs, and isolates problems and verify fixes. – Investigating customer problems referred to you by the support team, testing bugs, and creating and managing bug reports.
3. Researching test tools, methodologies, and trends and upgrading existing practices and processes.
4. Managing the final quality on production release

1. Knowledge of QA methodologies, tools, and processes
2. Used any javascript/Python based testing framework (selenium, mocha, cypress, pytest… etc.)
3. Excellent communication and collaboration skills
4. Hands on experience with web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) and Browser Developer Tools – Structured but also creative personality
5. Experience in Web Application testing – Fluency in English and Chinese, both written and spoken

1. Experience working with agile methodology
2. Experience with AI platform testing
3. Knowledge of Linux system environment
4. Knowledge of data analysis or statistics – Any software development experience

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