Engineer & Data Scientist

Core Technology Engineering Director

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1. Lead, manage, and inspire R&D Team (10-20 engineers).
2. Collaborate with product and research teams to identify new opportunities as well as improvements for our current product line (Decanter AI) and for upcoming product lines.
3. Manage scrum development. Bring ideas to production.

1. Hands on technical leadership experience leading project teams and setting technical direction. Demonstrated experience in providing technical leadership to development teams. (5+ members)
2. Knowledgeable in the mathematics underlying ML including linear algebra, multivariate statistics, information theory and optimization.
3. Experience in motivating others to act by creating a shared sense of vision or purpose, ability to create a compelling vision for the future, communicate clearly, with a collaborative leadership approach.
4. Ability to drive cross team collaborations and ship production features in a fast-paced startup environment.
5. Demonstrated expertise in working with one or more of the following: Big Data Infrastructure, Distribute System and Job Queue management, Machine Learning System, Time Series Forecasting, Algorithmic Foundations of Optimization, Data Mining or Machine Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).


1. Superior communication skills, both verbal and written.
2. Exceptional problem-solving skills.
3. High energy, self-starter with aptitude for learning new technologies.
4. Be able and willing to multi-task and learn, share, improve technologies quickly.
5. Passionate for software development.
6. Experience with Decanter AI or other AutoML software products.

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