Engineer & Data Scientist

Sr. Full Stack Developer 資深全端開發 (React + Python)

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1. Partner with product and research teams to identify opportunities for improvement in our current product line (Decanter AI) and for enabling upcoming product lines.
2. Develop prototypes, then design and carry out experiments to validate and improve the prototypes.
3. Develop solutions for real world, large scale problems.
4. Bring the ideas to production.

1. 3+ yeasrs of experience building Web products and features and enjoy working with technologies like React.JS, Python Flask, Nginx, SQL or NoSQL database.
2. Demonstrated expertise working with one or more of the Web services and Web APIs.

1. Frontend and Data Visualization experience in Websocket, Vue, ECharts, AntV, Highcharts.
2. Backend experience in Flask Gunicorn, RabbitMQ, Akka, Hadoop HDFS & YARN. – Database experience in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB.
3. System experience in Linux, Docker.
4. Hands on technical leadership experience leading project teams and setting technical direction. Demonstrated experience providing technical leadership to development teams. (5~20 members)
5. Experience motivating others to act by creating a shared sense of vision or purpose, ability to create a compelling vision for the future, communicate clearly, with a collaborative leadership approach.

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