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1. Collaborating with product managers, data scientists, and engineers to build consistent, intuitive, user-friendly solutions that will help make AI more accessible. 2. Create prototypes, conduct user testing, and continuously learn and validate your designs in the real world.
3. Be independent and have full ownership of your work, from ideation to design handoff.

1. 2+ years experience in UI/UX design.
2. Experience across all phases of product design from ideation, user research, prototyping, design iteration, and high fidelity UI and specs.
3. Fluency in UI/UX tools – Sketch, Figma, Adobe CC, Framer, etc.
4. Strong portfolio demonstrating experience delivering a polished product.
5. Strong communication skills and ability to work closely with others.
6. Demonstrated ability to work on small, focused teams to complete critical milestones under pressure with tight deadlines.
7. Bonus: Having the desire to own an entire design project and building a platform from ground up.

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