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Engineer & Data Scientist

Frontend Engineer 前端工程師

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1. Designing UI elements and making sure they fit the design guide.
2. Designing React elements and CSS style to fit PRD and UX requirement.
3. Designing Data flow and improve code maintainable.
4. Since a lot of machine learning tasks are long running tasks, you will be dealing with asynchronous behavior a lot (i.e. web sockets, futures, promises, messages).

1. 2+ years of experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
2. Familiarity with React.JS and realize to write maintainable code structure.
3. Familiarity with React.JS state management library, e.g. Redux.
4. Experience in React.JS component library, e.g. Ant Design.
5. Good communication skill and ability to work independently.
6. Able to design data schema based on requirements, discuss with back end engineer on DB schema and API format.
7. Basic knowledge in back end development.

[Nice to have]
1. Leadership experience or volunteer experience.
2. Experience in Typescript.
3. Experience in front-end performance tuning.
4. Experience in coding reviews to ensure the quality of the source code.
5. Experience in back-end development using Python.
6. Experience in databases, e.g. MongoDB.

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