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Software Engineer (Product)

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[About the job]

We are currently seeking a Software Engineer to join our team in the role of Product Engineer. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in designing and developing various elements of our software products, ensuring alignment with design guidelines, user experience requirements, and overall application data flow.

1. Collaborate closely with the design team to conceptualize and implement UI elements that adhere to established design guidelines.
2. Develop React components and CSS styles that align with Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) and user experience (UX) specifications.
3. Design and optimize the data flow within the application to ensure seamless functionality.

1. Possess a minimum of 2 years of practical experience working with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
2. Demonstrated familiarity with React.JS and its associated best practices.
3. Proficiency in utilizing state management libraries for React.JS, such as Redux.
4. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently, while also functioning effectively as part of a team.

[Nice to Have]
1. Previous experience working with Typescript, showcasing an understanding of its benefits and implementation.
2. Exposure to front-end performance optimization techniques, highlighting a keen awareness of enhancing application efficiency.

If you are a motivated and detail-oriented individual who is enthusiastic about contributing to cutting-edge software products, we encourage you to apply. This role provides an opportunity to work in a dynamic team environment, enhancing your skills in backend and infrastructure engineering while contributing to the success of our products.

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