Staff Machine Learning Algorithm Engineer

Job Functions
  • Algorithm Engineer and Distributed System Architectures
  • AI / Data Science / Machine Learning Algorithm Optimization
  • Build a scalable ML platform to automate ML services
  • R&D Team Lead (3~10 members)
Your Impact
  • Participate in cutting edge research in machine intelligence and machine learning platform.
  • Build the next generation of AutoML and time series forecasting technologies, including automated data cleaning, pre-processing, feature engineering, feature selection, hyperparameter tuning, model training and scoring, stacking, ensembling and deep learning. (We’re 110x faster than Google AutoML)
  • Partner with product and research teams to identify opportunities for improvement in our current product line (Decanter AI) and for enabling upcoming product lines.
  • Develop prototypes, then design and carry out experiments to validate and improve the prototypes.
  • Develop solutions for real world, large scale problems.
  • Bring the ideas to production.
MoBagel R&D Qualifications
  • Experience building new products that leverage challenging high-performance algorithms.
  • Expertise in coding efficient, object-oriented, modularized, and quality software.
  • Exceptional debugging, testing, and problem-solving skills.
  • Knowledge of unit testing, profiling, and code tuning.
  • Passion for software development and problem-solving.
  • High energy, self-starter with an aptitude for learning new technologies.
  • Be able, and willing, to multi-task and learn, share, and improve technologies quickly.
  • Experience with the Decanter AI or other AutoML software products.
  • Ability to drive cross-team collaborations and ship production features in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Superior communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Customer/end result-driven in design and development
Staff-level Key Qualifications
  • Master’s degree or PhD in Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics and Data Science, Mathematics, or a related technical, quantitative field.
    (Candidates with a bachelor’s and significant appropriate experience will also be considered.)
  • 5 years(PhD)/ 8 years(Master) of relevant work experience in software development or data science-related field.
  • Expertise with Java/Scala, OOP, Design Patterns, time and space-efficient algorithms
  • Experience architecting and developing distributed systems design.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience architecting in Data Science and Machine Learning with a strong proven track record and significant impact.
  • Knowledgeable in area pertaining to prediction such as statistics, machine learning for classification and regression, time series forecasting and reinforcement learning
  • Proficiency in the mathematics underlying ML including linear algebra, multivariate statistics, information theory, and optimization.
  • Significant experience optimizing code to be both compute and memory-efficient
  • Demonstrated expertise working with one or more of the following: Big Data Infrastructure, Distribute System and Job Queue management, Machine Learning System, Time Series Forecasting, Algorithmic Foundations of Optimization, Data Mining or Machine Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Contributions to research communities/efforts, including publishing papers in machine learning (ICML, AAAI).
  • Hands-on technical leadership experience leading project teams and setting technical direction. Demonstrated experience providing technical leadership to development teams. (5~20 members)
  • Experience motivating others to act by creating a shared sense of vision or purpose, ability to create a compelling vision for the future, communicate clearly, with a collaborative leadership approach.
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