Rapidly build highly accurate predictive models using an automated workflow

Automated data preprocessing, model building, model evaluation, and model deployment

Decanter AI for Enterprises

Powered by world-class machine learning technologies to create value from enterprise data

Becoming AI-Driven

Decanter AI transforms enterprises to become AI-driven by using world-class automated machine learning technologies to create faster and deeper intelligence from enterprise data.

Increasing Productivity

Decanter AI shortens the time it takes to complete data science projects by automating the manual and repetitive tasks, allowing business analysts and data scientists to spend more time on prescribing data to solve business problems.

Creating Value

Decanter AI helps domain experts convert data into business value by supporting different types of predictive modeling that can be tailored to industry applications: regression, classification, clustering, and time series.

Decanter AI by Role

For all experience levels from business analysts to senior data scientists

Business Analyst

With just a basic understanding of machine learning, business analysts can utilize their business acumen to build predictive models on Decanter AI without any experience in programming.

Junior Data Scientist

Junior data scientists can use their knowledge of data science to tune the manual settings of the model building process in Decanter AI to create predictive models that are tailored to specific business scenarios.

Senior Data Scientist

Decanter AI saves senior data scientists lots of time by quickly generating validations and establish scoring benchmarks that can be used to base their work upon.

Decanter AI by Industry

Solve real-world business challenges using Decanter AI

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