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Latin America’s largest and most influential telecoms and IT conference Futurecom gathered top industry players to discuss the latest technological applications, and of course, the Internet of Things is included. The great relevance and importance of IoT to most enterprises were once again stressed considering IoT was chosen as one of the morning keynote topics on the Day One of the conference.

Throughout the 4-day annual conference beginning on October 17th in the city of São Paulo of Brazil, plenty of innovative IoT solutions had been showcased. It was noteworthy that the IoT applications for the agricultural sector generated most animated discussion. This was in part due to some basic characteristics of the economy of Brazil.

Let’s take look at Brazil’s recent economic performance. In 2016, Brazil’s GDP(Gross Domestic Product) contracted by 3.8% owing to political instability and the gloomy world economy. Against all odds, the agriculture sector of Brazil still grew by 1.8%. The success of the agriculture industry sparked motivations for innovating IoT solutions to empower farmers with the tremendous power of latest technologies.

One of the IoT solutions designed for farmers is the drone technology that can be used to realize precision agriculture. It was expected that it would increase crop yields and reduce negative impacts on the environment during the farming process. Another endeavor was to clear the obstacles to spread IoT to rural areas in Brazil by making Internet connection a lot more common. A startup company hoped to deliver Wi-Fi access and connect sensors in the field, enabling farmers to manage their businesses in a more efficient way.



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