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Decanter AI
AI/ML Platform

100+ world-class machine learning techniques and algorithms to awaken value in enterprise data.

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Awaken Your Data.

Decanter AI empowers data scientists and business analysts with world-class machine learning technologies through an intuitive visual interface, allowing enterprises to solve business challenges using an AI-driven approach by rapidly building highly accurate predictive models.

Lightweight, powerful machine learning delivered.

Decanter AI converts enterprise data into deployment-ready models

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Low Threshold

Easy-to-Use AI

Decanter AI is designed to be intuitive for all of our users, from business analysts to data scientists.


Quick & Seamless Integration

Decanter AI can be quickly integrated with business processes using our lightweight deployment methods.


Accurate & Stable Results

Tested across different industries and scenarios, Decanter AI maintains accurate and stable prediction results.

Empowering, enabling, and creating new possibilities.

Decanter AI, Made for Every Role.

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Business Analyst

Decanter AI enables business analysts to better solve existing business challenges by combining business and domain acumen with AI.

Data Scientists

Decanter AI empowers data scientists by increasing their productivity and automating mundane and time-consuming tasks.

Business Unit

With the increasing demand for machine learning models, business units can use Decanter AI to solve simple and urgent problems.

Decanter AI, Differentiated.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Decanter AI uses a standardized workflow built on industry best practices to ensure consistent performance across users of different experience levels.

Automated Data Preprocessing

Decanter AI frees you from time-consuming and repetitive tasks by automatically recognizing and processing different column types, completing missing values, and engineering features on your behalf.

Fully Automated AI

Using AI to train AI, Decanter AI combines world-class machine learning algorithms and techniques with robust computing architecture to deliver the best predictive models.

APU: Customizable Modules

Decanter AI’s APU (Advanced Processing Unit) add-on allows for custom data preprocessing tailored for different business scenarios to be imported at any time.

API Integration

Paired with RESTful API, Decanter AI’s fully automated process can be easily integrated with large-scale deployments.

What-if Analysis

What-if Analysis allows users to simulate the prediction results over different features, and can further understand the impact of each feature based on repeated simulations.

AutoTSF: Time Series Forecasting

Most business problems revolve around making forecasts of a future timeframe. Decanter AI’s Automated Time Series Forecasting uses genetic algorithms to build reliable time series models.

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Decanter AI Use Cases

Decanter AI by Industry

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Retail Services

Sales Forecasting
Inventory Optimization
Smart Bundling
Store Address Picker


Supply Chain Demand Forecasting
Machine Anomaly Detection
Failure Causation Analysis
Predictive Maintenance

Marketing / Advertising

Customer Segmentation
CLV Prediction
Customer Repurchase Prediction
Digital Ads Performance Forecast


Predictive CRM
Integrated Marketing
Wireless Churn Prediction

Finance / Banking

Anomaly Detection
Default Risk Management
Application Screening


House Price Prediction
Traffic Volume Forecast
Utility Usage Forecast

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