Predictive AI for Enterprise IoT

Harnessing Business Value from IoT Data

Why MoBagel?

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your analytics solution.
Universal Compatibility

Choose from our many different options to integrate with MoBagel and start analyzing your device data today.

Cloud Infrastructure

MoBagel uses a highly secure and reliable cloud infrastructure that is optimized for big data collection and machine learning.

Big Data Ready

MoBagel’s infrastructure is built for large scale aggregated statistics and can process over 10M requests per second.

Decanter™ Prediction

Decanter™ Prediction automates the algorithm selection and delivers the most accurate results directly to the users.

Your Current Solution

Most other AI engines out there all require companies to have at least one in-house data scientist (often very costly) in order to understand data results and provide actionable insights. 

MoBagel’s Solution

MoBagel’s Decanter™ Big Data AI engine automatically chooses the optimal machine learning model and provides the right actionable insights for marketers and executives.

The 3-step solution to success.

The future of IoT analytics is composed of three stages: connect, analytics, and predict. From fundamental data connection to advanced analytics to predictive modeling, MoBagel helps IoT companies grow and scale at every step of the way.

1. Connect

2. Analyze

3. Predict

MoBagel is a SoftBank Innovation Program startup. Together, MoBagel and SoftBank use big data and predictive analytics to help high-tech companies analyze office and home appliances.