The Decanter Solution: Domain Expert + Decanter AI Engine

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The Fully Automated Data Science Solution

MoBagel’s Decanter Solution utilizes the strengths of our clients and takes it one step further with high performing prediction powered by Decanter AI. We combine our clients’ domain knowledge and experience with our fully automated prediction modules to extract business value from enterprise data.

Decanter AI Engine

Building enterprise-level data science solutions usually require hiring full-fledged data science teams, but Decanter AI engine significantly lowers the barriers by making its AutoML simple enough for anyone to use.

  • Automated Data Cleaning
  • Automated Feature Engineering
  • Automated Model Building
  • 60+ Machine Learning Algorithms
Seamless Integration with Data Systems

Decanter seamless integrates with existing data solutions via API and enables predictive modeling without modifying existing system architecture. Simply connect the Decanter module to your data collector, and the module will automatically output high performing models back to your system.

  • Amazon AWS S3
  • Microsoft Azure Blob
  • Google Cloud Platform Storage
  • and more…

Decanter Modules

We have worked with top industry leaders and system integration partners to develop a wide range of modules that tackle specific problems across different industries. Every module has been proven in the real world to generate business value from enterprise data.

  • General Purpose Module
  • Industry-Oriented Modules
  • Custom Modules
General Purpose Module

The Decanter General Purpose (GP) Module is designed to automatically build models from raw data without a predetermined scenario. It has the flexibility to be applied to any given situation and ideal for generating predictive insights on-the-go.

Predictive Maintenance Module

The Decanter Predictive Maintenance Module is designed for businesses that rely heavily on the performances of machines and equipment. Decanter AI digs through machine logs, error logs, and other machine features to determine underlying error causes and predict error occurrences that aim to achieve zero machine downtime.

Employee Turnover Module

The Decanter Employee Turnover Module helps enterprises predict the performances of prospective employees and the likelihood of employee turnover based on candidates’ resume, test performances, behavior assessments, and other assessments.

Upselling Prediction Module

The Decanter Upselling Prediction Module uses existing customer data to identify potential upselling opportunities for specific promotions, and at the same time also identifies groups of customers that are likely to be lost in the near future. This allows businesses to capture opportunities that can generate more revenue and prevent lost customer revenue.

Campaign Forecasting Module

The Decanter Campaign Forecasting Module uses historical campaign and sales data to predict sales performance of future campaigns and optimizes controllable factors to maximize the performance of each campaign.

Predictive CRM Module

The Decanter Predictive CRM Module uses customer support tickets and calls to identify the top causes of customer issues, detect abnormal customer behavior, and optimize customer support workflows.

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