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Solutions by Decanter AI

Solve real-world business challenges across industries

Industries Overview

Decanter AI solves real-world business challenges across industries such as banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, telecom, and government. In each industry, Decanter AI tackles specific problems using automated machine learning to reduce the costs of data analysis while extracting actionable intelligence from enterprise data.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are set to redefine the banking industry through automating processes, improving customer experience, and managing risks effectively. 

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  • Fraud Detection
  • Credit Card Churn
  • Predict Loan Repayment
  • Precision Marketing


Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, insurance companies can use data to assess risks, customize insurance plans, and streamline the insurance claims process.

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  • Fraud Detection
  • Quick Approval
  • Insurance Churn
  • Custom Insurance Rate


Retailers can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline operations, such inventory management and supply chain management, as well as increase revenue through product recommendation and store optimizations.

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  • Product Recommendation
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Revenue Prediction
  • Purchase Rate Prediction


Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, manufacturers can reduce operating costs by predicting employee turnover, improving the quality control process, and minimizing machine downtime through predictive maintenance.

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  • Employee Turnover Prediction
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Demand Forecast


Telecom providers can use customer data to predict customer churn and use targeted marketing campaigns to recover potential revenue loss.

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  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Precision Marketing


Machine learning and AI can help governments build smarter cities by delivering more cost-effective, efficient, and citizen-friendly services.

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  • House Price Prediction
  • Power Outage Prediction
  • Air Quality Prediction
  • Traffic Prediction

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