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AI in Supply Chain Management

Integrating AI solutions in supply chain management can help automate several mundane tasks and allow enterprises to focus on more strategic and impactful business activities. By deploying AI-based supply chain management across business functions, enterprises can solve supply chain issues, implement sustainable solutions, and ensure a resilient future.

Supply Planning Tools of Yesterday are Inefficient:
No Centralized Decision-making Platform

Hard to plan sales goals
  • Hard to improve cash flow due to the consignment mode
  • Simulations are hard to evaluate against sale targets
High inventory, high operating cost
  • High inventory in distribution centers impacts financial performance
  • Misaligned with end customer demand due to delayed response of customer usage
Unhappy customers
  • Missed commitments on urgent surgery procedures
  • Inability to respond accurately to urgent requests
  • Limited space to store surgical products

One-Stop Solution for Efficient Supply Chain Management

As healthcare industries are facing challenges from supply chain disruptions to sustainability concerns, Decanter AI provides world-class machine learning technologies and impactful insights for enterprises to overcome business challenges.

Demand Forecast

  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Demand at Risk
  • Consensus

Supply Planning

  • Supply Attainment
  • Constraint Loading
  • Planning Exceptions

Inventory Management

  • Target Inventory Days
  • Safety Stock
  • Inventory Quality

Lightweight, powerful machine learning delivered

Enterprise-wide Integration

Seamless supply chain management due to simpler, faster and proven administrative practices.

AutoML & AutoTSF

Go beyond the basics and apply advanced, AI-driven forecasting models to the most critical parts of your operations with Decanter AI.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Help to derive actionable insights, allowing for quick problem-solving and continual improvement.

Easy-to-Use AI

Decanter AI is designed to be intuitive for all of our users, from business analysts to data scientists.

Quick & Seamless Integration

Decanter AI can be quickly integrated with business processes using our lightweight deployment methods.

Accurate & Stable Results

Tested across different industries and scenarios, Decanter AI maintains accurate and stable prediction results.

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