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        One of the most important things that IoT could achieve is helping people to better maintain their health. IoT technologies are becoming more and more common in the healthcare field. The following are three of the benefits healthcare industry can enjoy with the aid of IoT:

        (1) A continuum of care: People go to several medical institutions for diagnoses and treatments, leaving multiple records. However, these records aren’t always well compiled and easy to access. With IoT, the process could be streamlined. Every treatment a patient underwent and each medication that has been prescribed for the patient are now all clear, helping doctors to offer high-quality assistance.

        (2) Compliance alerts: IoT technologies could help the patient keep track of their medication intake. Moreover, doctors are able to know whether the patients are following the recommended treatments.

        (3) Population-based insight: IoT brings in a huge amount of data. The insights derived in the process of analyzing data might lay the foundation for the discovery of better medical approaches.

        In short, IoT technologies reduce the amount of miscommunication by changing the source of information – from solely based on the patient’s ability to recall to more accurate data generated by IoT devices. It also collects data from people to predict future healthcare trends. Undoubtedly, we can envision of future of highly reliable and efficient healthcare system.


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