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Security is always a major issue in the field of information, communications, and technology. Many people have been questioning whether the rapid development of IoT is accompanied by vital security standards. Australia has been taking on measures to combat this problem. The Australian government and civic organizations are both endeavoring to protect IoT adopters against possible security threats.

Australia has decided to adopt Hypercat framework, an IoT standard developed in the UK. The primary aim is to make it possible to discover and control over different IoT devices connected to the network from a central location.

KPMG conducted a survey of Australian IoT users in 2015 and found that 92% of them had concern over IoT security.  Gary Gardiner, the Australia, and New Zealand director of engineering and services for a security company, said that manufacturers of IoT devices have their attention on improving the function rather than security.

“As the IoT and our reliance on those services grows, the risk will grow and our need to protect ourselves will grow in line,” said Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communication.



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