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IDC just published the result of its Global IoT Decision Maker Survey conducted in July and August 2016. 4,500 decision-makers from more than 25 countries and companies across industries participated in the survey.

The survey suggested that 31.4% of the organizations have already launched IoT solutions. It’s noteworthy that among these organizations, data management is gaining importance, with analytics and the IoT platform becoming their main requirements. IoT analytics service vendors like MoBagel aim to provide various enterprises with a more efficient approach to managing the vast amount of data they’re collecting but not fully utilizing.

Although IoT market is maturing, according to the survey, organizations are still faced with some obstacles in the process of integrating IoT. The top 3 IoT challenges of this year are security (26%), upfront cost (22%), and privacy (21%). Security and privacy are also issues to consider when forming management practices. Besides, not only enterprises are faced with these difficulties, but also governments. Some fast movers have already been seeking or already adopted IoT security standard to avoid security crisis.



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