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Information is King in wars. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is reported to be funding the development of sensors and artificial intelligence to help the U.S. dominate battlefields.

DARPA is a part of the U.S. Department of Defense and is responsible for quite some technologies we now take for granted. For instance, it played a big role in the development of the internet, GPS and more. Recently, DARPA has changed its direction towards breaking into enemies’ systems, stealing and analyzing crucial information and data. Benefiting from the advance of technology, DARPA intends to exploit the power of IoT to tap into wired or wireless networks and devices. Furthermore, DARPA hopes to develop tactical systems that can process, analyze immediately and extract only relevant information using artificial intelligence.

While attacking techniques are growing, DARPA also puts efforts in improving cyber security. Its Cyber Grand Challenge was the first all-machine hacking tournament in the world, taking aim at the increasingly serious cyber-security problem. Like DARPA said itself, “Such disruption [data being stolen] pose greater risks than ever as more and more devices, including vehicles and homes, get networked in what has become known as ‘the Internet of Things’.”

It’s not hard to understand that hacking networks is a way of maintaining national security. However, when breaking into all that are connected, where is the limit?



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