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As the competition in the hospitality industry becomes more intense, hotel owners are considering tapping into multiple opportunities to add to the bottom line through a more efficient use of energy. Some hotels have adopted LED lighting to cut energy expenses, and some hotel managers decided to add solar power to its portfolio of electricity sources, just to name a few. For hoteliers seeking a more innovative approach to increasing profits, it’s time to consider implementing several IoT applications that can remove a significant part of operational costs by revamping laundry operations.

IoT is helping hoteliers tackle an issue that has been bothering them for a long time. The cost of laundry is actually quite considerable, but it’s not easy for hotel owners to know where these expenses stem from.  By installing smart meters that are capable of gathering data on laundry machines, numerous types of data ranging from water use, electricity consumption, and the amount of detergent used, can all be collected to help hoteliers identify the critical issue residing in the operation of the laundry machines. Afterwards, necessary measures can be taken to reduce the size of electricity bills.

Aside from the decrease in utility expense, the deployment of IoT devices leads to other financial benefits for hoteliers. The information collected by smart meter devices could help hoteliers choose a more energy-efficient washing machines. In places where local utility companies offer energy-saving rebates, the data also acts as the evidence of the amount of electricity saved. In addition, laundry machines can be monitored remotely, eliminating the need of always having several workers on site. This helps cut labor expense.



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