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Nowadays, significant breakthroughs in all kinds of fields are not likely to happen without the collaboration of multiple parties. Considering the tremendous power of teamwork, leading IoT companies decided to work more closely together instead of fighting alone. In October 2016, two of the most influential IoT consortia were combined to allocate resources in a more efficient way to speed up the development of IoT applications.

One of the aforementioned consortia was called AllSeen Alliance, officially formed back in 2013, consisting of major enterprises like Haier, LG Electronics, Panasonic and Qualcomm, Sharp with an aim of facilitating the advancement of IoT applications. The newly merged organization would go by the name of the other foundation, Open Connectivity Foundation.

After the merger, several big names such as Microsoft, Cisco, and GE were added to the list board members. All these players would share the expertise and research progress to combine the best of both technologies in order to derive a single powerful solution.

Danny Lousberg, the chairperson of the AllSeen Alliance, shared his expectation of the combination of these two organizations: “By coming together as one group, we are able to make IoT a more seamless, secure experience for everyone involved, from developers to end users.”



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