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With the appearance of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and online educational environment that most universities are using to provide students with an access to more information for classes they’re taking, Internet has gradually become an important element in everyone’s educational journey. The adoption of IoT carries multiple benefits for educational institutions. It helps enhance students’ learning experience, track key resources on campuses to increase energy efficiency, and improve campus safety.

IoT can be utilized throughout the education process starting from kindergarten all the way to higher education. Among students of different ages, college students seem to be the group that benefits most from IoT technologies. With the devices connected to the cloud, professors are able to use the data collected from their students to provide most suitable assistance for them.

In addition, IoT devices can achieve energy savings. Resources and equipment on campuses can be monitored at a lower cost. For example, several schools in Ohio save some $128,000 by implementing an internet-based system that manages all equipment inside school buildings. In the meantime, these tracking capabilities can create a safer environment for students and professors.

IoT is the technology of choice for educational innovations.


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